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He says that every time he sets a table, it's design. 100 Quotes By Charles Eames PDF EBookIt reminds you to include art in the every day.Why not?Affirming (or re- PDFaffirming) and inspiring.I found this book at the Architecture and Design Museum exhibiting Eames Designs: The Guest-Host Relationship.I saw there and Loved a little film of theirs called "Bread" from 1953.Quotes all over the walls and installations to go with them.Thought-provoking, but humble stuff about aesthetics and design and hard work and the every day.Part of Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980, a year-long, city-wide exhibition.This is just the first one I've managed to see.Must see more.

The panic to be original is one of the evidences of a lack of knowledge.
(from the walls of the exhibit)

From the book:

#14: That-god-damn-whistling.When you're whistling, you're not thinking.

#19: If nothing else, a student must get from his training a feeling of security in change.

#30: The same stars that shine downon Russia shine down on the United States.From the sky, our cities would look much the same.

#40: We worked very hard at that—enjoying ourselves.We didn't let anything interfere with what we were doing—our hard work.That in itself was a great pleasure.

#56: Genius?Nothing—we just worked harder.

#85: Not all design is done by people who call themselves designers.I doubt if the sum total of people that produced a braided loaf of egg bread were conscious of the fact that they were designers and artists.

#99: Here is more than a prediction—but a sincere hope that tomorrow's design will see less and less of the designer himself reflected in it. Like this book? Read online this: Digital System Design with SystemVerilog (Prentice Hall Modern Semiconductor Design Series' Sub Series, Vitra.Eames.

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