1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Science

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Do you know why the grass is green? Why the sky is blue? Why it looks like the wagon's wheel's are going backwards when the wagon's going forward? Do you know why on a hot day the tar looks like it's evaporating? I do. 1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Science PDF EBook But why do you need to know these things. Well, according to the intellectual Allan Bloom, people communicate best by knowing a standard set of information as regards history, geography, science, etc. That's nice, but I just like to actually be able to tell my three years old why the grass is green and why the sky is blue, even though he doesn't understand yet. But if you do do this, you plant the seeds for a beginning of intellectual curiosty that not only enlivens and feeds and stimulates the mind of the child, creating a life of greater depth and breadth, but you also begin your child on a path of greater success and fulfillment in all areas of life. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, indeed. This book is a good place to begin. Get interested! Be interesting, but use it sparingly, for no one's interested in your being interesting unless you're interested in them. Rock on, child of God. Rock on. Like this book? Read online this: Life on a Wagon Train, 1001 Surprising Things You Should Know about Christianity.

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