117 Days Adrift

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I feel like a jerk for saying that I was a bit bored by this story. 117 Days Adrift PDF EBook I feel like a jerk because this story is true, and the minutiae of how a husband and wife organized their raft so they could survive for 117 days at sea were obviously very important to said husband and wife, as were which days they caught turtles and the days they saw sharks, etc.

I also feel like a jerk because out of this amazing story about human will and ingenuity in the face of horrific conditions, this is what stood out to me:

• In one full- PDFfrontal photo taken just after the couple's boat sinks, the man, Maurice, is rowing a dinghy and appears to be fully naked. There's no mention in the text about why he disrobed as their craft sank.

• The woman, Maralyn, calls the raw, white-meat fish steaks they eat "poops."

• One line reads, "I flipped one into the dinghy and it landed in the bowl of livers and genitals Maurice was preparing for our supper."

This amazing couple is British, and I am apparently still in junior high—a bad combination.

I am delighted that Maurice and Maralyn survived their ordeal, and that they logged the details of their survival. Perhaps I've grown accustomed to ghost writers making real-life stories sexier. Or maybe I am just a jerk. Like this book? Read online this: Just a Couple of Days, Adrift.

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