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Winston Smith is a low- PDFrung member of the Party, the ruling government of Oceania. 1984 PDF EBook He works in the Ministry of Truth, the Party's propoganda arm, where he is in charge of revising history. He is but a small brick in the pyramid that is the Party, at the head of which stands Big Brother. Big Brother the infallible. Big Brother the all-powerful. In a totalitarian society, where individuality is suppressed and freedom of thought has its antithesis in the Thought Police, Winston finds respite in the company of Julia. Originality of thought awakens, love bloosoms and hope is rekindled. But what they don't know is that Big Brother is always watching... Like this book? Read online this: Brother Brigham Challenges the Saints (The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Volume 13), Animal Farm / 1984.

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