400 Polymer Clay Designs

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Unique creations by top artists such as Nan Roche, Cynthia Toops, Barbara McGuire, and Gwen Gibson make this the best showcase of polymer clay work ever assembled. 400 Polymer Clay Designs PDF EBook With everything from jewelry and vessels to art dolls and sculptures displayed in superb color photos, the versatility and beauty of the medium is exquisitely evident. Mosaics, millefiori, canework, and molded, stamped, and embossed pieces: there’s a little bit of everthing to please the eye. Dayle Dorowshaw’s magical Egyptian Spell Book features carvings and image transfers that blend seamlessly with gold leaf, candles, branches, and silver. Luann Udell’s faux- PDFivory artifacts take their inspiration from the prehistoric art in France’s Lascaux Caves. It’s the largest—and finest—book of contemporary polymer art available anywhere.
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