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    Cleary’s biggest reported contributors for the filing period were Blue Lake Rancheria, which donated $5,000, and McKinleyville’s Victor Koshkin, who donated $1,000. Cleary reported spending $5,849 in the filing period, and ended with $14,427 in cash on hand. McKinleyville resident Ryan Sundberg reported raising $14,567 in the filing period.

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    Nelson Mattos, Vice President for Product and Engineering, told the opening night party in London that “Our engineers are generating ideas and products that all of us, as well as millions of people the world over, use and benefit from every day.” What he didn’t say is that Google needs to keep hold of them now more than ever. And it’s cheaper to do that with extraordinary buildings and free food than it is with burgeoning wages. Sometimes it takes both but the nicer the facilities, the longer workers are likely to spend in them..

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