• Honda UK has confirmed stories that the Accord name will

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    online loans Honda UK confirms that the European Accord saloon and Tourer estate will be axed next year, with no replacement planned. Rumours of the demise of the Honda Accord from our shores have been circulating for a while. And it seems the Japanese firm has officially taken the drastic step to withdraw the car from its European line up early next year, with no replacement expected.Honda UK has confirmed stories that the Accord name will disappear from its lineup, citing ‘declining market trends’ for the traditional saloon and estate, in what is now a primarily ‘corporate’ and fleet based market.The decision appears to be a global one, as Honda Australia Director Stephen Collins confirmed to the Australian website The Motor Report.He states that the market for the Accord was “primarily Europe” and that the decline in that segment here has resulted in this “global decision”.Other markets have different versions of the Accord that will still be sold. online loans

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