• The management of chronic pilonidal disease is variable

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    Dr. Charles Mansueto, director of the Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington, and his colleagues have been doing extensive research for TTM treatment. They have written scientific papers and have presented their findings to various entities including the Trichotillomania Learning Center.

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    pandora necklaces The ideal therapy would be a quick cure that allowed patients to return rapidly to normal activity, with minimal morbidity and a low risk of complications.The management of chronic pilonidal disease is variable, contentious, and problematic. Principles of treatment require eradication of the sinus tract https://www.jewelryntjb9.top/, complete healing of the overlying skin, and prevention of recurrence.The surgical wound may be left to heal by open healing (secondary intention). Methods can be broadly categorised as midline closure techniques (with the wound lying within the natal cleft) or other techniques (where the wound is placed outwith the midline). pandora necklaces

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