A Christmas Thief

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This short story can be read in about 40 minutes. A Christmas Thief PDF EBook*** spoilers**** It is a cute story of a neighbor boy who steals another family's nativity set.This set is old and treasured and when they find that it is gone they want to find the thief.They all suspect the boy down the street.They decide to make cookies to take to the neighbor to see if the nativity set is set up in their home.When they deliver them and see the cookies there they decide that their family must really need the set this year.So they devise a plan to put the baby Jesus in the stolen set.It was not in the stolen set because it was taken to church the week before for the lesson.An intricate plan is set and they get the baby there.The whole family is happy because they are willingly sharing their lovely old set with another family.After Christmas their set arrives on the doorstep with a brand new hand made wooden manger to place it in.The boy confesses to them and to his mother.They all forgive and they are all better people for the sharing. Like this book? Read online this: The Cowboy's Family Plan, The Christmas Shoes, The Christmas Blessing, The Christmas hope.

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