A Companion To Your Study Of The Old Testament

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The Old Testament provides the background for an understanding of all other scripture of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- PDFday Saints. A Companion To Your Study Of The Old Testament PDF EBook Even so, it "is considered by most people to be the book of scripture most difficult to understand and appreciate," writes author Daniel H. Ludlow

To help Church members understand and appreciate this sublime book of scripture, Doctor Ludlow has written A Companion to your Study of the Old Testament.

Part I of the book contains:

1. An overview of the beliefs, customs, and lives of the major Old Testament families.

2. A list of Old Testament prophecies to be fulfilled during Old Testament times, New Testament times, and in the latter days.

3. Selected quotations from presidents of the Church on the major Old Testament prophecies to be fulfilled in the latter days.

4. Excerpts from several important Church documents related to Old Testament topics.

Part II, comprising the bulk of the book, contains doctrinal and historical explanations of hard-to-understand passages from the Old Testament, identified by book, chapter, and verse. These are often supplemented by helpful quotations, usually from General Authorities of the Church.

The book includes an alphabetical list of difficult words and terms from the King James text, with definitions, explanations, and alternate readings.

This book, written specifically to be used with the Latter-day Saint edition of the King James Version of the Bible, is a concise reference work that belongs in the library of every student and teacher of the Old Testament.

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