A Curious Affair

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Main character describes grief well, is in the process of it. A Curious Affair PDF EBook
Story of relocation from urban to more rural environment speaks to me at this time.
Murder mystery.
Main character can communicate with cats, as a side- PDFeffect of having been struck by lightning.

Author belabors points, adding a thesis statement at the end of each paragraph, and sometimes rambles.
Main character is a writer, which is like writing about child orphans, a cheap way to get a character out of the constraints of daily life to serve the story but always causing a total strain at credulity.
Boring depiction of romance.

More, when I've finished the book. So far, very entertaining. I always enjoy Jackson's books, but I find their endings & download; romances very unsatisfying. If I just accept that I'm going for an atmospheric ride rather than fixate on the idea of realism or even formulaic mystery-romance, I'd probably enjoy her work even more.

—Okay, so this one had an interesting ending, a totally boring romance, 50 pages of rambling making fun of "freaks" who were not as wholesome as herself, but enough rural weirdness and paranormal oddity to make it worth reading. Like this book? Read online this: The Character of Cats, Her Last Love Affair trilogy (Her Last Love Affair, #1-3).

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