A Dog Called Demolition

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Not for the uninitiated. A Dog Called Demolition PDF EBook
I admit that I struggled with this as a 12 year old boy. Having only read the Cornelius Murphy books this one is a bit of a shocker. However, a re- PDFread in my 20's led me to believe that this is one of Robert's finest works.

How do I begin to explain this? There are a series of short stories involving people suddenly acting very strangely, and all mentioning a bandaged left foot. Then a longer bit of story about a man who discovers all people are controlled by invisible creatures that sit on their shoulders and ply their brains with their fingertips, but this also includes other seemingly unrelated short stories and bandaged left feet. We are promised that we will learn the occult significance of the bandaged left foot.

It is a brilliant, brilliant mess. There are threads waving wildly about narrowly missing one another, as well as a very condensed version of one of his first three books. Needs to be read to be believed, but preferably after consuming at least 8 other Rankin books to get your brain on the right wavelength.
It is possible that I love it just for the ending.... Like this book? Read online this: Read to Me Books Organized, Called.

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