A Dream Goes on Forever

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"The people that buy my records are of that age group that missed the Beatles; download; well, I'm their Beatles. A Dream Goes on Forever PDF EBook" - PDF Todd Rundgren

To understand Todd Rundgren is to understand change; a continual artistic metamorphosis that goes through various radical stages, yet somehow remains not far from its original roots. (Roots derived from the music of the mod British rockers of the '60s, such as the Yardbirds, the Beatles and the Who; the incomparable writing style of Laura Nyro; as well as the sounds from his own back yard - Philadelphia soul music.)

A true dichotomy in music; Todd Rundgren has continued to amuse and bemuse fans and critics alike for more than three decades, with his enchanting songs and music, innovative productions and incessant persistence in dealing with the music business strictly on his own terms. A Dream Goes On Forever - The Continuing Story Of Todd Rundgren (volume one) examines the history of one of America's true rock icons; from his early days of pop stardom with the Nazz; to the 'whiz kid' productions, which included the likes of Badfinger and Grand Funk; from the million seller hits; to his psychedelic explorations; from his idiosyncratic ideologies and philosophies; to the highly acclaimed conceptual ensemble Utopia.

The unbelievable story of rock's lost genius is now ready to be told. Utopia is here!

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