A Ghost in the House

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When Sarah Prescott's family moves from a cramped apartment to her great- PDFaunt's big old house, Sarah thinks that life is perfect—complete with her own beautiful bedroom. A Ghost in the House PDF EBookBut from the moment Aunt Margaret returns from the nursing home, Sarah begins to feel that something is terribly wrong.

Sarah tries to believe that she's just unhappy about having to spend so much time caring for her disagreeable invalid aunt.Yet she knows there is more.There's a chill in the air, which only Sarah seems to feel.There are unexplainable heavy footsteps in the upstairs hall.Lights go out, doors slam unexpectedly, and things move by themselves.

Sarah realizes that one other person in the house is just as frightened.Aunt Margaret.Together, a sick old woman and a frightened young girl, they must figure out what evil spirit is trying to terrify them.

Talented author Betty Ren Wright has created a haunting book, combining a frightening ghost story with a moving relationship between a young girl and an old woman. Like this book? Read online this: Sarah Campbell (Civil War Orphans Book 1), Ghost In The House (Magic Pony, #5).

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