A Guide for the Practical Abductee

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A GUIDE FOR THE PRACTICAL ABDUCTEE is a short chapbook of poems on the topic of the unknown — cryptozoology, ufology, and paranormal phenomena. A Guide for the Practical Abductee PDF EBookFrom ouija boards to Sasquatch to the Bermuda Triangle and crop circles, these poems explore the nature of humanity from a whole new angle.


In GUIDE FOR THE PRACTICAL ABDUCTEE, Anderson leaps into an array of narrative personas with an actor's gusto —even once writing from the point of view of an animal.These are special, biting poems, written with salty/sweet relatability; download; who hasn't felt that they are "a traffic light set on yellow forever"?
It may be no accident that the animal she chooses to inhabit is a unicorn.
— Kirsten Smith, author of Trinkets and screenwriter of 10 Things I Hate About You.

Cryptozoology poetry found its way to me, thanks to E. Kristin Anderson. I now know the study of Sasquatch, Nessie and Champ has joined the realm of lonely hearts, missed dreams, and love lost. It was bound to happen, I'm happy to say. Thank you, Kristin.
— Loren Coleman, director, International Cryptozoology Museum, and author of over 30 books, including Cryptozoology A to Z.

Otherworldly and addictively odd, the poems in A Guide for the Practical Abductee offer insight into the obsessive human need to rely on legends, magic, and mystery. Deftly switching between powerful narrative voices, E. Kristin Anderson reveals the truth behind the strong need for stories. Smart, peculiar, and devastatingly honest, Anderson’s poems celebrate the unexplainable dark and the desire that lurks there.
— Ada Limón, author of Lucky Wreck and Sharks in the Rivers. Like this book? Read online this: Anderson Anderson, Architecture and Construction, A Practical Guide to Monsters.

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