A Guidebook to Arthurian Britain

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I am an inveterate Anglophile, really. A Guidebook to Arthurian Britain PDF EBookMy mother mostly carried me in England, though I was born after my family returned to the States.And I had my eleventh birthday during my one month actually in England—a birthday that my later encounters with British mythology tell me is a significant one, once regarded as a coming of age.

On that birthday I was given—along with a handful of plastic knights and a large foam ball with an off- PDFcenter weight inside—this guidebook.I flipped through it for months, absorbing a raft of Arthurian episodes and folk legends in no meaningful sequence, and that more than anything else formed the groundwork for a lifelong preoccupation with the complex myth.It is meant for tourists, and I'm sure it's long since out of print, but still and all there's a lot of good old legend in these pages, with more of a scholarly eye than most retellings you're going to find. Like this book? Read online this: Birthday Pie, The Arthurian Legends.

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