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Poems and essays. A Marianne Moore Reader PDF EBook

* Foreword
* from Collected Poems (1951): 23 Poems, including "The Steeple- PDFJack", "The Fish", "Marriage", "What Are Years?", "He Dygesteth Harde Yron", "Virginia Britannia", "Spenser's Ireland", "The Pangolin", "Nevertheless", "In Distrust of Merits"
* Like a Bulwark (complete): including "Tom Fool at Jamaica"
* O to Be a Dragon (complete): including "Hometown Piece for Messrs. Alston and Reese"
* Other Poems (uncollected): including "Carnegie Hall: Rescued"
* from The Fables of La Fontaine: 24 fables, including "The Grasshopper and the Ant", "The Fox and the Grapes", "The Lion in Love", "The Hen That Laid the Golden Eggs", "The Mouse Metamorphosed into a Maid"
* from Predilections: "Humility, Concentration, and Gusto" and 3 other essays
* Other Prose (uncollected): including "Idiosyncrasy and Technique", "Brooklyn from Clinton Hill", "My Crow", "Pluto — A Fantasy", "If I Were Sixteen Today", "Abraham Lincoln and the Art of the Word", essays on Paul Rosenfeld, Edith Sitwell, Kenneth Burke, others, and "The Ford Correspondence"
* The Paris Review Interview with Donald Hall
* Notes Like this book? Read online this: Prose, Essays, Poems, Les Caprices de Marianne.

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