A Marriage Made in Heaven

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In this lovingly hilarious look at her 44- PDFyears-and-counting marriage to a man she wouldn't trade for anything in the world — who would finish her sentences? — Erma Bombeck offers observations as only she can, on:

The true test of compatibility: buying a house that "needs work"

Surviving parenthood, and the nest that won't stay empty

How times of struggle are a piece of cake compared to handling success

Elevating guilt to a sacrament

What to do with a man who saves instruction manuals; download; thinks a fishing license makes a great anniversary gift; and, thanks to the remote control, has never seen a television commercial

Frazzled mothers wondering who they have to sleep with to get fired from the job

Facing maternity, mortality, and metamorphosis together This entertaining portrait of an American marriage is Erma Bombeck at her most intimate, and her funniest. A Marriage Made in Heaven PDF EBook Like this book? Read online this: Creating an Intimate Marriage, A Match Made in Heaven.

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