A Memory of Christmas Tea

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A nice little feel- PDFgood book written in poetic style that doesn't rhyme all that well or have a great cadence, however, I'm told the best verse isn't always like that. A Memory of Christmas Tea PDF EBookI just read it because I've had it for years (mama had an extra copy and just gave it to me), and finally decided to check it out.I did so during a commercial break for X-Men: First Class.

Pretty much like the description says, a man is busy during the Christmas season, too busy by half and neglecting traditions.He remembers having tea on Christmas day every year with his aunt when he was a kid, and takes time to chillax.There you go.I liked it just fine, but certainly wouldn't have paid the $12.95 suggested retail price on the back.In fact, I wouldn't have paid for it at all.It's not really a kids' book in theme, but it does have pictures and is set up like one.I really don't know where to put this as far as who would enjoy it.Draw your own conclusion.

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