A Necklace of Souls (SoulNecklace Stories #1)

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Librarian Note: Alternate Cover Edition

‘A true dream is when the events I see in my sleep have, or will happen. A Necklace of Souls (SoulNecklace Stories #1) PDF EBook It’s a talent that runs in my family. I was thirteen when I had my first true dream.’

Dana wishes she wasn’t a princess. She’s always being told how to behave, what to wear. There’s a strangeness in the castle – why will no one talk about the Guardian, or the necklace that protects the land? And why does her father look at her with such sorrow?

Welcome to A Necklace of Souls: a story of love and loss, of shattered lives and desperate hopes. In the Kingdom of the Rose, bravery is not always measured by strength and magic is real, if only one has the courage to dream.

Shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Award, A Necklace of Souls was awarded the Tessa Duder Award for Young Adult Fiction, Best First Book at the New Zealand Post Children and Young Adult Book Awards and is a Storylines Notable Book. Like this book? Read online this: Shara and the Haunted Village [ Young Adult Version ] (Bryanae Series Book 2), The Queen's Necklace.

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