A Perfect Husband

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I can not figure out why I continued with this book. A Perfect Husband PDF EBook.. probably that morbid curiousity I have.
I had heard many good things about this author but I found her to be a cheap copy of Ann Rule...who I enjoy very much and is a professional and obviously does very thorough research...this author didn't.
Ironically there was an hour program on TV last night that I thought I would watch since I had just finished the book.Within three minutes I turned the show off..the police interview with the perp was pathetic..perp acting so "poor me""victim"I wanted to puke.Book going into the Goodwill pile and is not recommended.
I learned I will not read any more books by this author. Like this book? Read online this: Slingshot, Author's Edition (The Slingshot Series Book 1), Perfect Murder, Perfect Town.

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