A Poem for a Pickle

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A Poem for a Pickle by Eve Merriam is a book of fun rhyming poems that will make you laugh and would be great to use when learning about poetry in the classroom. A Poem for a Pickle PDF EBook The author’s unique and funny word play on a variety of subjects will allow students in grades K- PDF2 to enjoy poetry. It also uses wonderful illustrations to have a visual to go along with the poems. The poem “Can a Can?” consists of lines such as, “A bell can ring, a ring can be round, leaves can fall in the fall on the ground”. This can be used to discuss and learn about homographs. “Urban Rainbow” uses colors to describe the city and actions that take place. Students can relate this to their school and community and create their own rainbow poem. There are also poems on topics like family members and spring time. Reading these poems aloud in class to introduce poetry would be a great way to get students engaged and interested. There are a lot of literary devices used in the poems that can be taught and discussed when reading the poems. These are topics young elementary students can relate to. After reading and discussing them in class they would be able to create their own poems, like one about a family member or season. Like this book? Read online this: Fall Women's Stories and Poems for the Season of Wisdom and Gratitude, Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000.

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