A Promise Kept

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Robertson McQuilkin served as the president of a seminary when he discovered that his wife, Muriel, was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. A Promise Kept PDF EBookMcQuilkin took on more and more of Muriel's care (she felt secure only with him) until he ended up resigning from his position and caring for her, full- PDFtime.

He says of this decision:

"The decision was made, in a way, 42 years ago when I promised to care for Muriel 'in sickness and in health... till death do us part.'So... as a man of my word, integrity has something to do with it.But so does fairness.She has cared for me fully and sacrificially all these years; download; if I cared for her for the next 40 years I would not be out of her debt.Duty, however, can be grim and stoic.But, there is more: I love Muriel.She is a delight to me- her childlike dependence and confidence in me, her warm love, occasional flashes of that wit I used to relish so, her happy spirit and tough resilience in the face of her continual distressing frustration.I don't have to care for her.I get to."

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