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This is Graham Greene's first memoir, the second being "Ways of Escape" (Lester & download; Orpen Dennys, 1980), in which I enjoyed reading 40 years ago. A Sort Of Life PDF EBook I still like its paperback copy with brownish paper and hope to reread it as a tribute due to my respect after reading his excerpt from "The Power and the Glory" (chosen by TIME magazine in 2005 as one of the hundred best English novels since 1923: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Powe...) assigned to study in one of our literature courses in 1969; mysteriously, I recall I had never heard/known his fame as a great novelist, no one introduced him to me, therefore, I had to find out myself who he was and possibly why we should read him or be familiar with one of his novels.

Unfortunately, I certainly need a new copy to reread because the mentioned copy seemingly delicious to a few white ants was systematically devoured from the cover down to page 48 like a round shallow 2- PDFinch wide well-like hole, I didn’t know when they did their ugly operation like that. However, I still keep it and in the meantime try to write something on some interesting sentences I underlined, for instance:

… I always enjoyed his teaching, … , he opened my eyes to the importance of precision in my own language as well. (p. 79)

The experience of a long life may possibly increase one’s intuition of human character, … (p. 121)

Never again, I swore, would I read a novel of Conrad’s – a vow I kept for more than a quarter of a century, until I found myself with Heart of Darkness … (p. 151)
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