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A Spirited Season is a compilation of six Christmas novellas with a paranormal or magical twist. A Spirited Season PDF EBook The six novellas are written by three authors, two stories belonging to each author. I've wrote a few words about each story below:

A Christmas Peril by Karen Cantwell - PDF This was the the first short story of the book and though I found it a bit odd, it was fairly enjoyable. After reading the other stories I found this to be one of the darker stories but not overly so. Regardless it just didn't have the same feel good vibe as some of the other stories in the book.

Make My Wish Come True by Laura Lucas - I really liked this story. It was a cute, fun, romance, with a touch of magic. I liked this one so much I think I would really enjoy reading more from this author in the future.

Two Turtledoves by Misha Crews - This one was my favorite! It was sweet, magical, sentimental, and heartfelt. The perfect Christmas read!

Squawking Around The Christmas Tree by Karen Cantwell - This was my least favorite of the book. I honestly didn't like this one much at all. To me it was strange and the only part that I liked at all was the happily ever after.

Jingle Spells by Laura Lucas - Another fun magical story from Laura. I liked that although this short story focused on new characters, that we also got a little more Delaney and Grant from Make My Wish Come True. This story was very enjoyable and I just seem to love this author's writing style.

O Christmas Tree by Misha Crews - To wrap up the book O Christmas Tree is a fun Christmas ghost story with romance and a happy ending.

Overall A Spirited Season was a fun, easy read. That's perfect for those of us who love a little paranormal mixed with our Christmas reading and its great if you have a busy schedule since all the stories are quick and take less than a hour to enjoy.

** I received this ebook from Netgalley for review purposes. ** Like this book? Read online this: A Carrington Christmas - A Short Story, Cursed (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6, #1; Angel: Season 3, #1).

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