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In my day job I have been lucky enough to work with one of the greatest
corporate success stories in the technical field ever. A Text Book of Electrical Technology PDF EBook For a sparky tech nut just
going to the Google™ campus was a bit like traipsing to mecca. I remember
my first tour there, and getting a “free lunch.” Our corporate contact made a
comment. He said, “They’ve created some kind of engineers’ paradise over here.”
I kind of wondered about that comment. Over the last couple of years I have
pondered it quite a bit. I learned a lot more about what this paradise was in subsequent
dealings with the king of search. They had the free food and all these
other perks but the thing that stood out most to me from the first time I heard
it was 20% time. A quick Google search will tell you the details of 20% time. The
principle is simple: You are given 20% of your time to work on a pet project. The
project is your choice. The only caveat is that if you come up with something
cool Google gets to use it to make more money. In talking to contacts there I
found out that time is sacrosanct; download; your management cannot demand you give
up that time for your main goals. You can volunteer it if you want to but it is
up to you. In general planning, however, you and your boss plan four days a
week on your main assigned tasks and one day every week is yours Like this book? Read online this: No Time Like Show Time (The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures, #3), Spon's Mechanical And Electrical Services Price Book 2003.

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