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Kivra was bound by her honor to live as Kona- PDFs woman for one month. A Warrior's Woman PDF EBook For one month she was to please him in every way, become one of the lowest class of women, but finding herself under the Barbarian-s masterful body, she knew she would be begging to be used. She wanted nothing more than to seduce him and have him beg for more. Even though she surrendered her body, it was something altogether different to surrender her heart.

Kona was the second son of the King, and as second son, he had no inheritance, no lands, and no title. When he hears that the ruling Shirkan of Kanaha has died, leaving an only child, a daughter, he decides it-s an opportunity to find his own fortune. He knows he isn-t welcome in Kanaha. He knows and yet, he goes anyway.

He meant to kidnap Kivra and run away as his brother had done with her sister, butthe moment he laid eyes on her warrior spirit, he knew she would have to be conquered to be won over, and he wasn-t about to accept anything less than compete surrender.

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