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I clearly remember, during the First Persian Gulf War, seeing Col. About Face PDF EBook Hackworth on TV, being asked how he thought Gen. Schwartzkopf would attack Iran from his positions in Kuwait. Ignoring what the talking heads had been theorizing, Hackworth said, "This is how I'd do it" and quickly sketched out exactly the battleplan that, over the next 36 hours, was used to destroy the Iraqi Army as a fighting force. One of America's most decorated soldiers (he joined at 14), Hackworth was widely believed to be the model for the "Col. Kurtz" character in APOCALYPSE NOW. In fact, he created and led Tiger Force, which successfully applied night- PDFaction guerrilla warfare tactics to the fight against North Vietnamese guerrillas. His finest moment probably came in 1971, when the Army's youngest colonel said on national television: "This is a bad war, it can't be won ... we need to get out." Hackworth also predicted that the N. Vietnamese flag would fly over Saigon in four years—the only senior officer to burn up his own career to tell the truth about the Vietnam War. After many years of self-imposed exile in New Zealand ("As far from the USA as I can get and still speak English," he said) and a solid career as an author and military journalist, he died in 2005. An American hero.

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