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1920. Accepting the Universe PDF EBook From the Preface: A wheel may have many spokes, but can have but one hub. So I may say of this volume of mine that there are many these and chapter- PDFheadings, but there is but one central thought into which they all converge, and that is that the universe is good, and that it is our rare good fortune to form a part of it. As this collection of essays does not aim to be a systematic treatise on any one theme, but rather a series of sallies, excursions, into the world of semi-philosophical speculation, there is inevitably much repetition; download; there may even be some contradiction. But I have concluded to let them stand, as I find myself an interested spectator of the workings of my own mind when, in following different roads, it arrives at the same truth. As all roads lead to Rome, so in the realm in which my mind works in this volume, all roads lead to the conclusion that this is the best possible world, and these people in it are the best possible people. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing. Like this book? Read online this: Why Good Things Happen to Good People, Accepting His Wolf.

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