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This book's writing style is very easy to read and informal. Across China PDF EBook This is not necessarily a negative by any means, but I almost feel like this book went too far- PDF that the writing could use a little more complexity and formality. Then again, maybe it is just me being picky and wanting a formal cultural history and not what this book actually is- a travelnovel of Peter Jenkins' personal experiences and observations. Although his observations can seem overly enthusiastic about America and quite negative about China, it is only about the Chinese government that he does this. He has a great respect and care for the many different people of China, regardless of the acts of the government of the time. I feel that there are two main parts to this book, the first- also the one with the most coverage- is his memoir of traveling across China, from Tibet to Inner Mongolia, while the other is a limited description of Lou Whittaker's team's ascent of Mount Everest. Although I was expecting to find the first topic more interesting, I was kind of surprised to find that I found the story of the Everest expedition the more interesting part. At first this was good, as a nice sized portion of the beginning is devoted to the early parts of the ascent. However, as the novel progresses, only a couple short chapters in the end are devoted to the most perilous later parts of the journey, which Jenkins records based off of his talking with Whittaker after the fact. Overall though, it was a decent enough read, although not as in-depth or interesting as I had hoped. Like this book? Read online this: The Path of the Snake (Wizard of Parts Book 1), China.

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