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Master Qt's Most Powerful APIs, Patterns, and Development Practices Qt has evolved into a remarkably powerful solution for cross- PDFplatform desktop, Web, and mobile development. Advanced Qt Programming PDF EBook However, even the most experienced Qt programmers only use a fraction of its capabilities. Moreover, practical information about Qt's newest features has been scarce—until now." ""Advanced Qt Programming "shows developers exactly how to take full advantage of Qt 4.5's and Qt 4.6's most valuable new APIs, application patterns, and development practices. Authored by Qt expert Mark Summerfield, this book concentrates on techniques that offer the most power and flexibility with the least added complexity. Summerfield focuses especially on model/view and graphics/view programming, hybrid desktop/Web applications, threading, and applications incorporating media and rich text. Throughout, he presents realistic, downloadable code examples, all tested on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux using Qt 4.6 (and most tested on Qt 4.5) and designed to anticipate future versions of Qt. The book
Walks through using Qt with WebKit to create innovative hybrid desktop/Internet applications
Shows how to use the Phonon framework to build powerful multimedia applications
Presents state-of-the-art techniques for using model/view table and tree models, QStandardItemModels, delegates, and views, and for creating custom table and tree models, delegates, and views
Explains how to write more effective threaded programs with the QtConcurrent module and with the QThread class
Includes detailed coverage of creating rich text editors and documents
Thoroughly covers graphics/view programming: architecture, windows, widgets, layouts, scenes, and more
Introduces Qt 4.6's powerful animation and state machine frameworks Like this book? Read online this: Oracle Power Objects Handbook/the User's Guide to Oracle's Desktop Solution for Database Development, GMAT 800, advanced prep for advanced students.

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