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The philosophy of holistic health emerges from ancient African roots. African holistic Health PDF EBook It was the spiritual umbrella for civilizations cradled by a continent endowed with the richest resources in the world. This way of life, however, was interrupted by the imposition of slavery on peoples of African descent. While there has been much literature on the many areas of black life that 300+ years of bondage has taken a devastating toll, we seem to overlook the effect it has had on our nutritional needs. Today, due to mass European commercialism, we have allowed our bodies to become human garbage disposals. Technology has made it possible for us to have our chemically saturated cake and eat it too as we consume anything with flavor cooked at record breaking speeds. The rat race has made us ignore our nutritional needs while we remain preoccupied with tailoring our lives to European standards.

'African Holistic Health' by Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, is the first major book which addresses these issues from a comprehensive Afri- PDFcentric viewpoint. It provides a complete guide to herbal remedies along with homeopathic disease treatments. What makes this book truly unique is the research Dr. Afrika has provided on the physiological and psychological differences between people of African descent versus people of European descent. In addition, Dr. Afrika provides a complete history (from the 9th to the 18th century) of the European herb and drug trade and why Europe invaded Africa for healing plants. Finally, he concludes by detailing how European diseases defeated ancient Africa.

After reading this book, you will learn about holistic sex laws, self diagnosis, disease treatments, the danger of commercial foods and much more. But the most important is about the concept of holistic health. Holistic health is concerned with the proper daily maintenance of the body, mind and spirit. Any nutritional approach must consider all three. Like this book? Read online this: Casebook on European Union Health Law, Holistic Therapy.

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