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The story of how a cat called Cleo healed a family in mourning was one of my favorite novels of last year. After Cleo PDF EBook I was quite excited when i discovered author Helen Brown was bringing out a new book featuring another feline Jonah and i can now say the excitment was justified as After Cleo is another great read. Set many years after the death of Cleo Helen's family has since grown with daughter Katherine joining Lydia and Rob. With the girls living at home it makes for a busy household. Helen Has no intention of getting another cat but after being diagnosed with breast cancer that changed. Around about that time Lydia would shock her mum by announcing her intentions to drop university and become a Buddhist nun in Sri Lanka.

But even more shocks would come with the cat they called Jonah. To call him overactive was an understatement. He would run non stop, rip up anything he got his claws on, forever wanting to go outside in what was a indoor cat neighbourhood. When he did go out he would end up getting beaten up by the Mafia cats or end up stuck up a tree and need to be rescued. Husband Philip even wanted him out when he started spraying everywhere in the house. Helen and the girls would not have that and would eventually find a solution. Along the way Helen will go through the drama of treatment for her cancer, Rob will get married and Lydia will go to Sri Lanka were she will make her decision on her future.

All of this made for what was a delightful and at time hilarious read. The main theme for me was the mother- PDFdaughter relationship with the fears of a potentially life threatening illness and ofcourse the oh so crazy but loveable cat Jonah interwoven perfectly. I must admit Jonah did remind me so much of my old cat Turbo. His antics just like jonah's decribed in the book just hilarious and frustrating at the same time. Not just for animal lovers but anyone who likes to read about an everyday family encountering life hurdles and the relationships we have. Like this book? Read online this: The Good Life Album of Helen & Scott Nearing, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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