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Shamed by her responses to a kidnapper’s titillations, Anna Fulenweider, 24, a fair, white freckled- PDFfaced newspaper reporter, refuses to talk about the abduction even six weeks later, despite the fact she is plagued by shakes and tremors. Aftermath PDF EBook

Police have not been able to identify, much less capture, the man who abducted the once haughty reporter and released her 53 hours later, pensive, cowed and unwilling to talk about her ordeal, even to the psychiatrist provided by her employer newspaper.

Desperate to undo the psychological damage to his friend and coworker, black news photographer Wesley Stemmons, 32, arranges a meeting between Anna and Wesley’s boyhood friend, the irrepressible Joe Marsh.

Before her abduction, Anna had interviewed Marsh, long distance, about his development of an ingenious family of tracking devices. He provided her prototypes. When Anna vanished, it was Marsh who activated a satellite tracer from 500 miles away and booted up a receiver in Anna’s purse by remote, enabling him to send local police close enough to impel her release.

Wesley reluctantly brings Joe and Anna together although fearful the playful playboy, Marsh, and the beautiful, somber Anna will be mutually attracted. Wesley tells Marsh of his own romantic interest in Anna and warns his friend not to complicate things.

Sharon Ervin is a former newspaper reporter. She has a degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma, is married, lives in McAlester, Oklahoma, and has four grown children.

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