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I won't say it's a perfect 5, as I don't give those out very easily. All Things Restored PDF EBook Nevertheless, this is a veritable powerhouse of well- PDFassembled thoughts and evidences, some of which one wouldn't find elsewhere. I applaud the author's structure and research abilities. One is more forcibly impressed by peering at his endnotes for each chapter. I only noted (83) one quotation that seems rather weak in context. Not all is of equal weight and value, as he himself would probably say; download; I don't personally find the accounts under spiritual gifts to be something profitably retold in such a passingly public fashion, or to be the best representative sampling if one insists on doing such.

Brown unabashedly throws down the gauntlet, while admitting that this is not supposed to be "exhaustive" (xi). He's off to a fast-paced start as he picks up and answers scriptural objections, rolling on into so many categories that I'm led to wonder how long he spent on this book. Many sections will prove invaluable aids to me in the future—of special personal interest were the Book of Mormon Hebraisms, JST section, history of the papacy, and mentions of when original doctrines were proscribed by church councils. You'll find a little bit of nearly everything.

Although he dipped into Book of Mormon geography along the way—something I seldom appreciate—he provided a good upfront caveat (202), which had already been prefaced by an appropriately prudent "hierarchy of evidence in spiritual matters" (183).

This book does not purport to prove the faith, but to support it (see 229 and Conclusion). Like this book? Read online this: The Big Book of Search & Find, America's Promise Restored.

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