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A highly entertaining and insightful compilation of musings on a wide variety of topics, All Things Considered sometimes seems time- PDFbound (I am not always familiar with the people and events to which Chesterton is referring) but is often oddly a propos of the current moment. All Things Considered PDF EBook For example, Chesterton is not speaking of the “War on Terror” when he discusses why we should not fight our enemies “with their own weapons” of torture, but he could be. He is not speaking of modern American politics when he discusses the lack of truthfulness that undergirds the party system, but he might as well be. When he writes of “modern journalism” in England in the early 20th century, he could just as well be writing of “modern journalism” in America in the early 21st century.

The collection, which consists of just over thirty columns he wrote for the London Daily News, is of varying quality, but the parts that were good were so good that I must give the compilation five stars. Even when Chesterton is being a chauvinist, of either the male or Eurocentric variety, I cannot help but like him. There is something perpetually affable about his writing.

I laughed out loud at a rate of at least once per ten pages, and I am not a reader who often does so (out loud, at least). And I highlighted far more lines than I can reasonably add to my favorite quotes.

I was once asked in a scholarship interview whom I would wish to meet if I could meet any person, living or dead. I found myself stuttering for an answer. My first, and quite conventional, thought was Jesus, but I did not want to come off as a religious freak, so, after some stammering, I settled instead, quite spontaneously,for…drum roll please…John the Baptist. Yes, the wild-haired, locust-eating, prophet-hollering John the Baptist...Yeah…I didn’t get that scholarship. Unfortunately, I had not read Chesterton in high school. Today, I’m quite certain what my answer would be. And I really do wish I could sit down to a glass of port wine with the man…
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