Amy's Devil

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Time travel is something Amy Price and her best friend should be used to. Amy's Devil PDF EBook After all, they had witnessed their friend’s journey to the eighteenth century through a portal on Ocracoke Island more than once. They think the old spell only works at the lighthouse during a full moon. They learn how wrong they are when an innocent trip to an English castle proves there is more than one portal to another century, and more than one sexy man waiting on the other side.
Lord Alexander, Baron of Dreymore castle, doesn’t know what to think when he finds two oddly dressed women standing in his chambers. Lady Amy’s claim of being the daughter of a Duke is almost as unbelievable as her companion’s claim of being a nun. Still, he has no reason to doubt their story of being attacked by thieves on his land, until he overhears a snippet of conversation revealing their lies. He is angry and determined to teach them a lesson about making a fool of a knight of the realm, a lesson that would start with seduction... Like this book? Read online this: A Lesson in Seduction, The Devil's Fool (Devil Series, #1).

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