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This is an collection of the columns Ellison wrote for the LA Weekly in the 80s. An Edge in My Voice PDF EBook They were written with the admonishment that the paper could not edit them in any way. I remember reading most of these when they appeared weekly. I was an ardent fan of the column. So it is great that they now appear in one volume so I can nostalgically peruse them again.

The strength, and weakness, of these essays is that they are Harlan Ellison unedited. They exhibit his passion, his social awareness, and his awesome power with words. They also show off his narcissism, his obsession with himself, and his well publicized abrasiveness.A case in point is when Ellison writes about a series of racist letters from a heckler. Most authors would roll their eyes then throw the letters in the trash pile. Ellison makes it a personal mission to find this person and his narrative of this mission becomes both harrowing and rather disturbing.

Yet for the most part Ellison is point on in his recollections of the film business and the 80s socio- PDFpolitical scene. Reading both Ellison's well thought out commentaries and his at-the-moment get plenty of both...can be exhilarating. While there is no question that Ellison is one of the best fiction writers in the later part of the 20th century, there can also be a case made for Ellison being one of our most important essayists.

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