An Introduction to Continental Philosophy

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There was a moment when I very nearly gave up on this book in disgust. An Introduction to Continental Philosophy PDF EBook Not because of anything the author had done, but because I did not feel like I could keep up, even reading at my own glacial pace. This book is a perfect example of the kind of thing I think I need to know, so I find an "authoritative" book, and go about teaching myself. To be perfectly honest, there is plenty from this book that never made its way into my brain and probably never will. The moment when I was ready to walk away was in a section on Heidegger where the author wrote "It is obvious that Heidegger was saying..." and it was far from obvious to me what exactly Heidegger was saying. Thankfully, I had a little grace for myself in terms of not being able to follow everything perfectly and ended up enjoying learning about major philosophers.

But, this book is emblematic of a bigger question I often wrestle with: why do I read? When I go through my Goodreads account, there are an equal number of books that I told myself I SHOULD read to those I was passionate about reading. It goes back to this internal dissonance I feel: there are things out there to know, and I should know them. I do my best to balance this with books that I want to read purely for enjoyment, and there is often overlap between what I enjoy and what I want to know about, the soccer history I'm currently reading, for example. If I was reading purely for enjoyment, this book would have never made it. But for me there is a pleasure that comes from the discipline of learning, and it definitely is a part of how I see myself, a lifelong learner who tries to be an intellectual even if it puts me in over my head from time to time. Like this book? Read online this: Star Wars Episode 1 (Step into Reading Books Series: A Step 2 Book) (Jedi Readers Series), Introduction to Maat Philosophy.

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