Anatomy of a Typeface

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There's a wealth of great information in here for anyone who's already interested in the topic, but the bulk of the writing is pretty dry — it essentially reads like a textbook. Anatomy of a Typeface PDF EBook In fact, if you were to teach some kind of introductory "History of Typefaces" course and needed a textbook, this would be a fine choice!

Of course, it stops somewhere in the mid/late 20th century. It's so funny that this was published in my lifetime (my copy says 1990), yet feels like such a relic of a long- PDFgone era. He talks about phototypesetting as if it's still a newfangled technology, and makes only a brief mention of digital type. It's surreal to read an entire chapter about Times New Roman knowing that the author has no idea yet that it's become the default serif face for millions of people, or to see Helvetica confined to a paragraph at the end of the chapter on "Gothics" ...even the chapter about Bookman doesn't seem to be fully aware of how it would come to be practically synonymous with the 1970s. It makes me feel like a time-traveler — like I want to reach through the pages and say, "Mr Lawson, wait 'til you see what's coming!" Like this book? Read online this: The Platinum Hall Debacle (Time's Tempest Lost Chapter 3), Anatomy of a Spy.

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