Animal Kisses

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Harriet is three and a half months old and already she has a little library of her own. Animal Kisses PDF EBook Animal Kisses is her latest book, a gift from Judy and Charlie. As with books designed for young children, it is comprised of bright colors, bold line drawings, repetition of themes and tactile experiences.

Animal Kisses has a different animal on every pair of pages. For each animal the reader is asked if he would like to kiss this animal. The question includes a tactile aspect. For example: "Do you like scratchy cat kisses?" The other animal kisses offered are a cow, dog, bear, fish and pig. Like so many of these books, the last page tries to include the reader in the story; download; this time it does it by asking "What kind of kisses do you like best?"

Although the book is run of the mill, Sean and Harriet both like the book. While Harriet right now likes the bright colors, Sean has been enjoying reading the book to her and sometimes to me. Like this book? Read online this: 1001 Animal Wonder,rh Book Of, First Kisses 4.

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