Animals and the Kids Who Love Them

PDF EBook by Allen Anderson

EBook Description

A boy and his dog, girls and their horses — the cliché download; s click because they’re so often true. Animals and the Kids Who Love Them PDF EBook But some kids do more than play with their pets, and some animals do more than fetch and purr. These kids and animals love unconditionally, and through that love, the condition of each is transformed. This collection is for animal lovers of all ages — and for anyone who wants to smile or needs to heal. You’ll meet:

* Ricochet, the golden retriever who surfs in charity events to raise money for children with disabilities
* Casper, the rabbit who helps a boy sleep through the night in his foster home
* Sparkles, the Dalmatian whose fire- PDFsafety lesson saves the lives of a five-year-old and her father
* Snazzy, the black pony who helps a boy learn to talk
* Cocoa puff, the guinea pig who loves hearing children read
* Frankie, the dachshund with “wheel legs” who helps a boy with a leg brace find hope
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