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Well written but pretty self- PDFaggrandizing account of the 1st summit of 8,000 m peak. Annapurna PDF EBook

On the one hand it's cool to read about how they did things 60 years ago - starting with finding the actual mountain!Since no 8,000 m peak had ever been climbed (this was 3 yrs before Hillary/Tenzing on Everest) nothing was a given including what face to assault and how to actually get there in the first place!

Later learned Herzog forced all other members of his party to sign waivers to NOT write personal accounts of the climb - thus making his account the ONLY one out there.Right there I began to have a problem with his story and it appears there are many views on this.

Google the 'controversy' surrounding this book if you're interested as it appears Herzog's account of his magnificent summit is suspect.

As for the account of 2 guys making their way up/down mighty Annapurna, dodging snow storms, crevasses, avalanches and all the other fun stuff that can happen 8,000 m in the Himalaya (while outfitted in 1950's gear) it definitely delivers.Add to this that smokes and sleeping pills were a routine part of their day and you start to get an idea of how crazy this expedition was!

Seen by many as the bible of mountaineering it also is a reminder that 'history' is written by the winners (and those with exclusivity!).Apparently his summit partner Louis Lechenal was completely left out of celebrations, acclaim and awards to such a degree that when you google Herzog's name there is virtually ZERO mention of him!!

Contrast that with the graceful and dignified manner that Hillary dealt with climbing Everest - giving as much credit to Tenzing Norgay as himself and even going so far as to refuse to say who actually summited first to ensure neither man would gain credit over the other!

Speaks volumes, in my opinion

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