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This is an interesting and important book, but I've been plowing through it bit by bit for over a month (while also reading much more engaging stuff). Anxious Parents PDF EBook The author is a social historian, and he couldn't write a short sentence to save his life. If you can mentally translate academic- PDFese into English, this is worth reading. But don't expect much humor, though there are myriad wonderful opportunities for it.

The main sections are on "The Vulnerable Child" (kids were assumed to be tougher a century ago, though lots more died), Discipline (a veritable pendulum through the decades), All Are Above Average (schooling), Work & download; Chores (today's kids don't do much in comparison), and "I'm Bored: The Two Faces of Entertainment".

The parts about the evils of comic books (in the 20's) and radio (30's) and superheroes (50's) were incredible - it has all really been said before (except today it is being said about tv & video games). My favorite part in this last chapter was from a famous psychologist in 1954, who "condemned homosexuality, noting that Robin, Batman's 'boy wonder', was often posed with his tights-clad legs provocatively spread."
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