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 John Hann focuses in this study on the Apalachee Indians and their interactions with the Spanish during the historic period. Apalachee PDF EBookFollowing a description of the prehistoric Apalachee, Hann delves into the encounters between the Apalachee and the first European intruders.He synthesizes historical and archaeological information on the establishment and growth of the western Florida missions, including pertinent data from the prominent and pivotal state of San Luis de Talimali.
A sympathetic view of the culture and customs of the historic Apalachee and a translation of Father Paiva’s impassioned ball game manuscript are followed by sections on Apalachee political structure, language, demographic trends, and mission economy.Hann concludes with data on the demoralization of the Apalachee and its effects on the missions and, ultimately, on the exile and extinction of the Apalachee people. Like this book? Read online this: Ed Taylor, Father of Migrant Missions, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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