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The successful Apollo 17 manned lunar landing mission was the last in a series of three J- PDFtype missions planned for the Apollo Program. Apollo 17 (Apogee Books Space Series #29) PDF EBook The J-type missions have been characterized by extended hardware capability, by a scientific payload larger than the previous G- and H-series missions and by use of a battery powered lunar roving vehicle (LRV). As a result of these additions, the Apollo 17 mission had a duration of 12.6 days, and a time on the lunar surface of 75 hr with a total surface traverse distance of approximately 35 km.

Lunar Module: Challenger
Command and Service Module: America
Crew:Eugene A. Cernan, commander,
Ronald E. Evans, command module pilot
Harrison H. Schmitt, lunar module pilot
Launch: December 7, 1972
05:33:00 UT (12:33:00 a.m. EST)
Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A
Landing Site: Taurus-Littrow
(20.18N, 30.76E)
Landed on Moon: December 11, 1972
19:54:57 UT (02:54:57 p.m. EST)

EVA duration: 22 hours 4 minutes
( EVA 1: 7 hr 12 min, EVA 2: 7 hr 37 min., EVA 3 ended at 05:40:56 GMT on December 14.)

Lunar Surface Traversed 30 kilometers
Moon Rocks Returned: 110 kilograms
LM Departed Moon: December 14, 1972
22:54:37 UT (5:54:37 p.m. EST)

Time on Lunar Surface: 74 hr. 59 min. 40 sec.
[19:54:57 UT December 11, 1972 - 22:54:37 GMT December 14, 1972]

Returned to Earth: December 19, 1972
splashdown at 19:24:59 UT (2:24:59p.m. EST)
Mission Duration: 301 hr. 51 min. 59 sec.
Retrieval site: Pacific Ocean 17° 53' S, 166° 7' W
Retrieval ship: U.S.S. Ticonderoga
Special Payload:

Third mission with a lunar roving vehicle (LRV) that could transport two astronauts. The LRV could also carry tools, scientific equipment, communications gear, and lunar samples.


First geologist on lunar surface.
Longest LRV traverse on a single EVA.
Greatest amount of lunar samples returned to Earth.

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