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I finished Around the World in 80 Days today and it was even better than I remembered from my childhood. Around the World in Eighty Days PDF EBook Admittedly, the version I had read as a child was the Great Illustrated Classics edition that was, unfortunately, abridged. I felt that a reading of the unabridged classic was long overdue. Shockingly enough, I still remembered the ending 20 years later.

Just the task Phileas Fogg faces in traveling the world in 80 days (in the 19th century) and the obstacles that pop up to delay his travels would make for a fabulous story, but the element of a cat- PDFand-mouse chase really puts this book over the top! I highly recommend it for anyone who loves grand adventure stories.

I can see why Jules Verne is touted as one of the finest French authors. He is deserving of all accolades! Like this book? Read online this: Book of Days - Acting Edition, Around The World in 69 Days.

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