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This book makes use of an interesting approach for understanding the innovative, progressive qualities of 1960s- PDF1970s British rock music. Art Into Pop PDF EBookFrith does a better job explaining 1960s mod & download; art rock than he does 1970s punk situationism.His theory is shakey, but his practical take on the origins of 1960s British rock remains insightful.I like the fact that he focuses so much on the art school factor.So many musicians (from the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Who, Cream, etc.) of the era were art school graduates, freshly educated in the latest art theories.And it seems obvious that their education plays out in their innovative approaches to popular music.It is another case study example of how postmodern frameworks of discourse operate by way of breaking down (or at least re-ordering) barriers between high & low art.The book captivates its reader through such analysis.The treatment of punk rock, however, is lacking. Dick Hebdige (see my comments on his book) is the place to look for a promising, academic analysis of punk rock. Like this book? Read online this: Punk Rock Warlord, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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