Astrotwins Love Zodiac

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EBook Description

Basically covers each astrology sign with sections for
How to Spot Him,
How He Deals With (Money, Family, Love, Sex, Children, Pets, Your Meltdown, His Meltdowns, Breakups),
What He's All About,
What He Wants in a Woman,
What He Wants from a Relationship,
Sex with (the sign),
Turn- PDFOns & download; Turn-Offs,
His Moves (First Moves: How He Courts You, He's In: How You Know He's Committed, Unfaithful (the sign): Why He Cheats, Dig the Grave: It's Over),
Interpreting His Signals: What does he mean by that? (which comes in a chart form of the three columns "What he," "It means. Astrotwins Love Zodiac PDF EBook..," and "So you should..."),
Your Moves: Tips for Flirting and Everlasting Love,
Prep Yourself For... (Your First Date, His First Home Visit, Meeting His Family),
Saying Good-bye (Breaking up with (the sign), Getting over Him: When a (sign) Dumps You, and
Love matcher: which is a table of four columns "You are a(n)..." (then the 12 signs underneath), "He thinks you're...", "You think he's..." and "Common Language"

Well, it's written for women who are seeking a male mate, obviously.I don't know if this is good or bad, or if it makes a difference as it's pretty definite from the title/first few pages.It was amusing to read out parts of the Taurus chapter to a Taurus friend and have him say 'Oh my God, that's me!' (He's very finicky about food and the kitchen.)The generalizations sometimes made me a little uncomfortable, as well as sometimes the contrasting bullet points in "How to Spot Him."I did like their introduction, where they explained Elements andQualities.(I'm not that knowledgeable about that kind of thing.) Like this book? Read online this: Growing a Spiritually Strong Family, Zodiac P.I., Vol. 4 (Zodiac P.I., #4).

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