At Home and Abroad

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I had read the print book a while ago, recalling that I'd liked it (and nothing else), so decided to drop an Audible credit to re- PDFread it in audio format. At Home and Abroad PDF EBook
Structurally, the first part consists of (brief) overviews of various Latin American and European nations, based upon Pritchett's visits. Longer, in-depth portraits of the USA, Canada, and England (with London treated separately); download; I must admit that I wasn't all that interested in the final hour of the narrative, focusing on the author's impressions of Appalachian America. That part aside, I'm glad I bought the book, which I'd recommend as an insight into those places before the homogeneity of globalization.
Narrator reminded me quite a bit of actor James Mason. Like this book? Read online this: The Spy Who Read Latin, School Feeding; Its History and Practice at Home and Abroad.

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